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LDS History Resources
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LDS Historical Associations

  1. Mormon History Association
  2. John Whitmer Historical Association
  3. The Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Foundation
  4. Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation

Nice Sites:

Community of Christ: Center Place Library  

This site has many wonderful items.  It is placed first in this list for a reason. Some of the places I go often are:

Evening and Morning Star

Messenger and Advocate

Times and Seasons

The Book of John Whitmer

Memoirs of President Joseph Smith [III] (1832-1914)

Lectures on Faith

First Vision page   Eldon Watson has done us all a tremendous service by putting all of the versions together.  He has done a disservice, however, by not showing us how, over time, the 1st vision story changed.
H. Michael Marquardt's Mormon Central Marquardt is hard to take, but he is often right.
lds-mormon.com   A very liberal site.
Library of Congress   Type Mormon in the Search field.  A marvelous place to visit for hours
Members of the Anointed Quorum Nauvoo temple ordinances compiled by Lisle G Brown.
Mormon Classics Library Historic Mormon texts prepared by Dale R. Broadhurst, including Painesville Telegraph articles (18291844), John H. Beadle's 1875 interview with William E. , David Whitmer's 1887An Address To Believers in the Book of Mormon (unfortunately page numbers are not given), William Wyl's 1887 interview with William Law, John E. Page's 13-part series, "Mormonism, Alias Truth" (1842). A very useful site.
Mormon Studies   Like many sites, this one lists a lot of projected works and a lot of pages that turn out to have little or no content (!!), but John Corrill's important 1839 History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints is complete and useful, also John Hyde's 1857 Mormonism: Its Leaders and Designs, William A. Lynn's 1902 The Story of the Mormons.
Mormons.org   Official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
Oliver Cowdery Memorial Home Page Early biographies of Oliver Cowdery, Benjamin Winchester's 1843 A History of the Priesthood, Kidder's 1842 Mormonism and the Mormons, Udney Hay Jacob's 1842 The Peace Maker, John C. Bennett's 1842 History of the Saints, and other works including a lot of excerpts. Excellent site.
The Pioneer Story   Part of the www.lds.org about the Mormon trail.
Robert Fillerup's Mormon History and Doctrine   Especially useful are the William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries & Personal Writings.
Signature Books Publisher of works by most prominent Mormon historians.
Todd Compton's Home Page  

Home page of the author of some of the best books on Mormon history.

In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith

Truth, Honesty and Moderation in Mormon History

Uncle Dale's Old Mormon Articles He has old newspapers, and also a site dedicated to Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon and Solomon Spalding.  And excellent site.



  1. ORGANIZATIONAL CHRONOLOGY of THE CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS, 1829 - 1836 Compiled by Lisle Brown.  A very good date oriented chronology.

  2. Blood Atonement and the Origin of Plural Marriage, by Joseph Fielding Smith
  3. D&C lessons.  For a good set of lessons, see http://beardall2000.com/dc/chlist.shtml
  5. In Search of Joseph - A history of the search for the bodies of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma, the reconstruction of their busts, and how to buy the book that contains all this info
  6. A large group of Mormon books, most rare and old, can be found here or at http://www.helpingmormons.org/Rare_Books.htm   It is worth your while to visit this site, and poke around.
  7. Nauvoo Expositor - this newspaper was the one that Joseph Smith and his city council destroyed in 1844.  This led to the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.

Collections, Bookstores, Libraries

  1. Utah State University Special Collections 801-797-2663
  2. University of Utah Marriott Library, Special Collections
  3. Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia
  4. FARMS - Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.  This is mainly devoted to Book of Mormon studies, but has some historical information.
  5. Photos on line -- Great LDS historical photos from Brad W. Richards.
  6. Sam Weller's Book Store 800-333-7269.  An excellent resource for hard to find out of print books.


  1. An excellent collection of church President succession papers can be found at http://www.xmission.com/~research/central/chorg4.htm 
  2. BYU Studies
  3. Church History Stories - Kenison
  4. BYU Travel Study
  5. New LDSWorld Church History Links database - Gives 25 pages of links that might, or might not, have something to do with history.
  6. Audio files of Early Church Presidents (Look for files with .AU extension)
  7. Mormonism.com - A site dedicated to collecting of rare Mormon artifacts, paintings, books, autographs, etc.
  8. Rust Rare Coins - This company buys, sells, and trades rare coins, with a specialty in early Utah and Mormon coins and notes. LDS temple medallions are also available.
  9. Mormon Money - a site with loads of information on Mormon Money and some on Mormon history.
  10. Worldwide Church History Archives - Learn about the history of the Church for just about anywhere in the world. Just click on the area and read
  11. RLDS Church Home Page
  12. RLDS World Church Museum
  13. RLDS Church Historian's Office
  14. Nauvoo, Illinois, with other links, including a virtual tour, and history.
  15. Graceland College ( The RLDS College )
  16. H.B. Lee Library: ( at BYU )
  17. H.B. Lee Library's Byline Server
  18. Photograph Archives Manuscripts Division of the Marriott Library ( University of Utah )
  19. Marriott Library Web Page University of Utah
  20. Short history of Carthage Illinois area
  21. Kenison's very large collection of church history stories can be found at http://www.xmission.com/~dkenison/lds/ch_hist/chron.html 

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