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Personal Lives
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Family Members

Mel and Justin talked on December 26, 2004 at Justin's missionary farewell.  You can read Mel's talk and Justin's talk if you want.  Janell addressed the ward on January 23, 2005.   Just click here to read her talk.  For more on Janell and Mel's Hawaii snorkeling, see the bottom of this page.

Picture Web site Who they are
Budge (32) Budge family.jpg (159477 bytes) www.jana.myctmh.com Budge, Jana, Xander and Rohan live in Bakersfield, CA.  He works for an engineering firm.  Jana's web site will tell you what she does in her spare time.
Lori (27) Lori and Dea.jpg (28502 bytes) Lori, Jorge and Dea live with in Morgan Hill, California, not far from us.  She finished her masters at San Jose State, and now works for Mervyns.  Jorge works for Marriott, and Dea gets all the love she can from her parents, grandparents and great grandparent.
Collin (25) Collin.JPG (216851 bytes) dwp.bigplanet.com/jackhopper Collin lives and works in Provo / Orem.  He was the valedictorian at San Benito High School in 1997, and was all conference in soccer in 1997.  He broke his shoulder in October, and now has a plate and seven screws holding it together.
Tamra (23) Tam family.JPG (107036 bytes)
Tamra, Rob, Miciah and Elijah live in Cincinnati.  Rob goes to the University of Cincinnati, working on his doctorate.  Tamra and Rob have two children.   She was valedictorian at San Benito High School in 1999, and was all conference in soccer in 1998 ( do you see a pattern here? ).  
Keith (21) IMG_0038.JPG (637873 bytes) Keith graduated from San Benito High School and was the league MVP in volleyball his senior year ( as a 5' 8" outside hitter ! ).  He recently completed a mission for his church speaking Cambodian in Tacoma Washington.  He now is assistant girls varsity volleyball coach at San Benito High School.
Justin (19) Justin.JPG (57652 bytes) www.tungate.com/justin.htm Justin graduated from San Benito High School, and was ranked in the top three or so in northern California for the 300 m intermediate hurdles in high school.  His page at the left gives his accomplishments, both in the classroom and on the track.  He is serving on a mission in the Alaska Anchorage mission.
Chad (17) Chad.JPG (177490 bytes) www.tungate.com/chad.htm Chad is a senior at San Benito High School, and was the league frosh / soph champion at 400 m dash his freshman year, winning in 53.96 seconds.  He did not go out for track as a sophomore, but ran last year.  
Janell JanellJPG.jpg (299207 bytes) www.tungate.com Janell is a stay-at-home mother, and has been since Budge was born.  She is now also a stay-at-home grandmother three days a week ( for Dea ), and a stay-at-home daughter.  She sews, gardens, loves on grandkids, and makes our home hum.  She is pictured here with Xander and Dea when they were small.  She just got back from a two week vacation in Hawaii.
Mel Mel and Janell.JPG (142505 bytes)


Mel works for Hitachi Data Systems as a director of storage marketing, and does these pages.  If you want to see some recent funnies, go to the Bush links from this page.
Grandpa O Dwayne.JPG (43441 bytes) Grandpa Ogzewalla ( Janell's father ) lives with us, and gardens and builds like crazy.  He is pictured here with Dea when she was a baby.


At the end of September 2005, we went to Hawaii for two weeks.  We had never been before.  We were in Oahu the first week, and Maui the second.  

We learned to snorkel during the second week, and we loved it.  It was wonderful.  Neither Janell nor I are swimmers, but snorkeling was easy.  And seeing living fish within a few feet of us was awesome - we listed the ones we saw in the table below, and found pictures for some of them.  If we had it to do all over again, we would learn to snorkel the first day, and then do more snorkeling ( say, in Haunama Bay on Oahu ).  We learned to snorkel from Ann Fielding, and she is wonderful ( you can see her site at http://www.maui.net/~annf/ ).  She is a scientist, so you get science and snorkeling at the same time.  She teaches you to snorkel, and she introduces the fish to you on a first name basis.  She will tell you what fish you will see, and then take you to see them, in just about the order she tells you that you will see them.  For her to be able to do this for Janell and I is awesome ( can you tell that we loved how she helped us ? ).

Since we have returned, I have taken a swimming class, and can now swim 25 meters.  With fins and snorkel, I can do 50 meters before I am totally exhausted.  That translates to a much longer distance in the ocean where a person is much more boyant ( I can float in the ocean with ease, but not at all in a pool ), but not enough to let me snorkel in the intermediate or advanced snorkeling areas.  Janell will take learn to swim classes this coming spring when the pools open again.

Moorish Idol - this fish is very striking, particularly when there are several together. Milletseed Butterfly Fish  
White Goatfish - they were resting on the bottom, probably sleeping, in a nice sized school.   Threadfin Butterfly Fish - this fish was at my feet
Yellowfin Goatfish - Again, we saw this on in a school.   Ornate Butterfly Fish
click for enlargement
Green Sea Turtle   We saw a juvenile who came very close to us ( we had to move to avoid him ) and a mature one resting on the bottom
Four Spot Butterfly Fish
2001 California Academy of Sciences Dr. Antonio J. Ferreira 
Eel ( not sure of the variety, but we think it might have been a Whitemouth Morai eel )
Teardrop Butterfly Fish
Cornetfish Yellow Tang Yellow Tang, Puako, Hawaii, 30 feet, 90mm
Octopus - the one we saw was just lazying around on a rock.  It looked like a lump of gray nothing, but when it moved, it took an entirely different shape, then back to its clump status
Damselfish   Convict Tang Convict Tang, juvenile, Puako, 25 feet, 90mm lens
Red pencil urchin - these were all over the place - usually in or near a crevice. Heterocentrotus mammillatus. hauke uke, ula ula. red pencil urchin Black and White Urchin  
Unicornfish ( Orange? ).  It has barbs on the tail. Orangespine Unicornfish, 20 feet, Hanauma Bay, 90mm lens Pinktail Triggerfish - The one we saw had larger fins, and the tail was not quite as pink.  The fins are very striking. Pinktail Triggerfish, Puako, 30 feet, 90mm
Wrasse and cleaner wrasse   Lagoon Triggerfish - no picture can do justice to this gorgeous fish.  The ones we saw were the most gorgeous fish in the ocean. Lagoon Triggerfish, Makapu'u, Oahu, 25 feet, 90mm
Spotted boxfish   Reef Triggerfish - this is the unofficial state fish.  These were in abundance. 
Parrotfish   Grouper  


We love it here in our little piece of heaven.  Hollister is in San Benito County, which has about 60,000 residents.

Hollister Web sites  
High School  San Benito High School Chad goes here.  Tamra was the valedictorian in 1999, Collin in 1998.  
Our subdivision Ridgemark, a golf community.  A gorgeous course.  Come play - I'm free some days.
Weather Weather forecast    or here ( there are two schools with full time weather observation online ).  We wear shorts year around.  We also don't sweat in the summer.  Eat your heart out - but come visit whenever you want.  I have not worn a jacket during the day in over a year.  The ocean is 20 miles away ( Monterey, California ).  The link here is a live feed from two of our middle schools in town.



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